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No Commercial Breaks Digital Download (Special Edition)

Scroobius Pip

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Digital download of Scroobius Pip's 2016 Album 'No Commercial Breaks [Special Edition]'. Including a re-issue of 'No Commercial Breaks' + 'Words', a 60 minute sold out spoken word show at the Royal Albert Hall recorded on Nov 21st 2012.

No Commercial Breaks
1. 1000 Words
2. Muses
3. Love Like This
4. Development
5. Rat Race
6. At All
7. Angles
8. First Time I Met Musik
9. Dreaming
10. Reprise

Words [Live At The Albert Hall Elgar Room]
1. Introdiction
2. Magicians Assistant
3. Let 'em Come
4. Rat Race
5. Try Dying
6. Five Minutes
7. Ricks Cafe Americain</i>
8. 1000 Words
9. Angles
10. The Struggle
11. Broken Promise
12. Waiting For The Beat To Kick In
13. Letter From God To Man
14. Chronic Not Critical

(all files in 320kbps MP3 format.)

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