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Invincible Girl CD

Bad Pollyanna

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Track listing:
1) Invincible girl
2) Hollow

Bad Pollyanna’s haunting single Invincible girl, launched 24th October 2014. All proceeds from the single will go to the Sophie Lancaster foundation. Here’s a note from the band about the cause:
We believe that The Sophie Lancaster
Foundation has the power to change the world
and we feel honoured to be helping to spread its
message. Invincible Girl was inspired by the fact
that we grow a lot more as human beings when
things go wrong for us... even if we do still carry
the scars. What doesn't kill you really does make
you stronger if you choose to learn and grow from
the experience rather than give in to bitterness.
We devote Invincible Girl not only
to a beautiful and creative girl now heartbreakingly
lost to us but also to her mother Sylvia Lancaster
and indeed to Invincible Boys and Girls everywhere
who have faced adversity and allow it to
shape who they are for the better.
Bad Pollyanna.

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